Johnny Depp is Willy Wonka


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Welcome to wonkaXdepp!

This is a community for those who are fans of Johnny Depp in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, whom he plays Willy Wonka ^_^ Feel free to discuss Willy Wonka, CATCF related stuff and post any fanfiction/fanart you may have.

1. You must be a fan of Johnny Depp or the movie.
2. No "OMGZ!1!!11 I luv jonny dep in dat pirat movie omgzzz" please. It's just as bad as spamming.
3. No community advertising other than Johnny Depp/CATCF/Willy Wonka communities. None of the whole "OMGZ JOIN IAMSCENE" crap.
4. When you join, we would like to know a bit more about you, so fill out this form below, please:

Where are you from?
What other Johnny Depp movies have you seen?
What is your fave movie?(Non JD if you want)
Why did you join this community?

finix - teh oh-so funky one who made this community. Johnny Depp obsessed.
__waterkill - the other maintainer. friend of finix & also likes johnny depp.

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